Q.1: When Your Company was established ?
Our company was registered in 2004, but, we were related to the production of safety Equipment since 1992.

Q.2: What is the production capacity of your company ?
We have the installed production capacity of 100,000 pairs a month. We have the vendors to produce an additional quantity of 100,000 pairs a month.

Q.3: Does your company have certifications ?
Our company is certified IS 9001:2000 and CE certified under EN388, EN420 & EN511. The materials used in our production are compeletely environment friendly.

Q.4: Which part of the world you export more ?
Our major contribution of exports is to Scandinavian and Baltic countries. We also export to Spain, Italy and France. Our exports are also made to United Stats.

Q.5: What are leather characteristics and types ? Leather is the natural defender against many risks. It is strong, flexible, and absorbent in many conditions. All of our leather gloves are made keeping in mind the conditions and risks where they are suppose to be used. 

Animal Skin has two parts in cross section, upper is called Napa or grain whereas the inner cross section is called Split. 

Cut of Leather indimensions of the back and shoulder produce very strong leather and cuts on sides are rather softer kind. 

Q.6: What is split leather and from which animals is obtained?
Split leather is mostly obtained from thicker leather which is mostly Cow hide, Ox hide because of the high thickness of skin of these animals. The gloves made from split leather are used in tougher conditions are more resistant to heat and rough surfaces.

Q.7: What is grain leather ?
Grain leather is very soft, comfortable in wearing and the gloves made from this leather have high finger sensitivity and maneuverability. Mostly Napa leather is made from following animal skins.

Q.8: What is cowhide leather ?
Cowhide grain leather is very strong leather and has more durability than any other leather. The gloves made in this leather are breathable, durable, heat resistant, water resistant and long life.

Q.9: What is goat leather ?
Goat leather is also proven to be one of the stronger and durable leather. The natural lanolin produced by goatskin assists to create the softest and yet abrasion resistant leather. The leather is highly recommended for tactile sensitive applications.

Q.10: What is sheekskin leather ?
Sheep skin is very soft but not very strong. It has high finger sensitivity level and very silky feeling. 

Q.11: What is cotton interlock and where is used ?
Cotton Interlock is mostly used on the back of the glove and also we use it in our cotton liners. It is very light and weight and can be
colored in different ways. All of colored cotton is AZO free.

Q.12: What is synthetic material and its characteristics ?
Syentic material is alternate of leather. It is washable and flexible and available in many thicknesses. Available in many colors making it an attractive material for gloves.

Q.13: What is Cereno and its characteristics ?
Cereno is very thin and stretchable synthetic material. It is PU thin film on nylon lining. It has very high skin sensitivity but not much good against cut resistance.

Q.14: What is Denim and where is used ?
Denim is very tough and hard material of 100 % cotton. It is used in the back of Heavy Duty gloves or on the cuff side as well.

Q.15: What is Canvas and where is used ?
Canvas is 100 % cotton and hard & long life material. It is used in the cuff part of heavy duty gloves.

Q.16: What is Rubberized Cuff and where is used ?
Cotton canvas or Twill Jeans is laminated with tough rubberized material to make it tougher and harder. It is used in the cuff part of heavy duty gloves.

Q.17: What is Fleece and where is used ?
Fleece is made of 100% cotton or polyester. Brushed from one side and very soft. Used as liner.

Q.18: What is Ezgrippy and where is used ?
Ezgrippy is made of tougher Polyurethane and with strong mesh back. It has many patterns made on it and used as reinforcement on palm and many other materials.

Q.19: What is Neopo ?
Neopo is Nylon textile laminated with this sheet of rubber to make it water repellent.

Q.20: What is Polystrech ?
Polystrech is Polyester textile knitted with cotton making it a all dimensional stretchable material.

Q.21: What is Tricot ?
Tricot is shinny knitted fiber with one side brushed and one side shinny.

Q.22: What is Windbreaker ?
Windbreaker is Polyester fabric with water repellent features and brushed back.

Q.23: What is Aero Messh ?
Aero mesh is Nylon fabric with ventilated patterns.


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